Better Sleep:
Feel Better, Look Better, Live Healthier

better sleep Healthy sleep is neccessary for a healthy life. Sleep strengthens emotional and physical health and is key to feeling and looking your best.

Lakeland Health Services specializes in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, such as Sleep Apnea. We offer a full service sleep program which has been serving patients and physicians since 2002.

The Lakeland Difference

  • You will be treated in a state-of-the-art facility by our highly professional and credentialed staff
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredited Sleep Disorders Center facilities
  • Full range of diagnostic sleep studies including: full night, split night, titration, MSLT, and MWT's
  • Convenient locations, five sleep centers in MN and WI
  • Comfortable hotel-like rooms
  • Easy on-site parking
  • We offer a full range of CPAP and related equipment and supplies
  • Virtually all insurance plans accepted

Providing diagnostic and therapeutic services to help you sleep better.

Lakeland provides full polysomnography testing by experienced sleep technicians and respiratory care practictioners specially trained in sleep diagnostics.

Should I have a Sleep Study?